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The General Election will be held on November 3, 2020.

I will post my choices for that election in October.  (If you’re on my list, you’ll be notified when it’s up.)

Please stop by each election!

My choices in the Primary election (held March 3, 2020) are below, along with my comments. 

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Voting is your Superpower!   Don’t you dare stay home.

Note: if you are using a voting machine, be sure to scroll down to see ALL the candidates in each race. 
For a list of Vote Centers and Ballot Drop-off locations in your county, log into VoterStatus.sos.ca.gov.

And check out the terrific voting resources below!

“If cousin Pookie would vote, if Uncle Jethro would get off the couch and stop watching sports center and go register some folks and go to the polls, we might have a different kind of politics. That’s what the Moses generation teaches us. Kick off your bedroom slippers. Put on your marching shoes. Go do some politics. Change this country!” ~ Barack Obama

Click on each candidate’s name for their election website (if they have one)

Warren’s my candidate. I love what she has to say and how she says it. I’ve read both of her autobiographical books (she’s written many ~ note that I’ve linked to Amazon because it lists many of her books all on one page, but if you’re going to buy a book, anyone’s book, please buy it on IndieBound.org and support our local independent bookstores).

As professor, author and voting activist Mona Field writes: “In the Presidential primary vote your conscience now. IN NOVEMBER VOTE DEMOCRAT. PERIOD. VOTE BLUE NO MATTER WHO.  And make sure your friends in Michigan, Wisconsin, Ohio, Florida, Pennsylvania, Arizona all do the same!”

U.S. House of Representatives

District 33
Ted Lieu’s been my guy since he was my state representative. He’s articulate, fearless and humorous ~ exactly what we need right now. I’m only bummed he can’t run for President (he was born in Taiwan).

State of California

California State Assembly

District 66
I’ll never forget sitting around our kitchen table with Al Muratsuchi and his staff after a house party in his first campaign for state rep. Al’s one of the good guys.


Los Angeles County Superior Court 

Note: Judge Thomas D. Long (Los Angeles Superior Court) writes: “We should demand that candidates be provided with free space in our sample ballots. A candidate is expected to pay a pro rated share of the printing costs of the sample ballots in which his or her statement appears. When I ran for city council I spent less than $500 on mine. But for county wide offices the cost is much higher. In an election prior to this one, candidates were assessed more than $80,000 in county-wide races. This year it may be more.  Most judicial candidates simply cannot afford such an expense.”  Who knew?

Note: LACDPLos Angeles County Democratic PartyLACBA = Los Angeles County Bar Association rating .  
Judge, Seat 17
no endorsement; candidate is running unopposed
Shannon Kathleen Cooley is a Deputy District Attorney, County of Los Angeles 
Judge, Seat 42
Linda L. Sun is rated Qualified by the LACBA. She’s endorsed by Ted Lieu and lots of other folks you’ll recognize, as well as the LACDP and the LA County Federation of Labor
Judge, Seat 72
Steve Morgan is rated Well Qualified by the LACBA. He’s currently a Deputy District Attorney County of LA, endorsed by LACDP, LA County Federation of Labor, lots of Democratic clubs. He’s also endorsed by one of my very smart friends,  Beach Cities Health District trustee Vanessa Poster.
Judge, Seat 76
Cole is rated Qualified by the LACBA. She is running unopposed. (A fun bit of trivia: one of Cole’s opponents, listed as Judge Mike Cummins, who is rated Not Qualified by the LACBA, ran unsuccessfully for another office in 2006, then went into private practice and legally changed his first name to “Judge.”)
Judge, Seat 80
He is currently a Deputy District Attorney, County of LA and is rated Qualified by the LACBA. He’s endorsed by the LACDP, the LA Country Federation of Labor among other organizations.
Judge, Seat 97
Powell is currently a Deputy District Attorney, County of LA is rated Qualified by the LACBA. She’s endorsed by LACDP, LA County Federation of Labor, Stonewall Dems, National Women’s Political Caucus, Los Angeles County, Santa Monica Dem Club and many more.
Judge, Seat 129
Fuller is rated Qualified by the LACBA. He’s currently a Deputy District Attorney, County of LA and is endorsed by LACDP, LA County Federation of Labor, the Stonewall Dems and more.
Judge, Seat 131
no endorsement; candidate is running unopposed
Michelle Kelly is running unopposed. Her website is curiously incomplete.
Judge, Seat 141
no endorsement; candidate is running unopposed
Lana Kim is running unopposed.
Judge, Seat 145
Montalban is rated Qualified by the LACBA. He’s currently a Deputy District Attorney, County of LA. He’s endorsed by the LACDP, the LA County Federation of Labor, lots of Dem clubs, lots of police organizations, and the Loyola Law School Project for the Innocent, among others.
Judge, Seat 150
Parsekian is rated Qualified by the LACBA.  He’s endorsed by Representative Adam Schiff (aren’t you proud Schiff is from California?),  Representative Maxine Waters, State Senator Ben Allen, lots of Dem clubs and many others.
Judge, Seat 162
Yang is rated Well Qualified by the LACBA.


Los Angeles County

Supervisor, District 4
Hahn, the incumbent,  is endorsed by the LACDP, US Congressmember Ted Lieu, US Senator Diane Feinstein, California State Senator Ben Allen, California Assembly Member Al Muratsuchi, the Sierra Club, Planned Parenthood Advocacy Project Los Angeles County Action Fund (whew–long name!), and lots of unions and police associations.
District Attorney
I heard a representative of the Gascón campaign present to a meeting of  Generation Blue and was very impressed.  A former LA beat cop, Arizona Chief of Police and San Francisco DA, he’s an advocate for justice reform. Gascón’s challenging the incumbent, Jackie Lacey.  Jackie Lacey has not prosecuted police officers, despite evidence of wrong-doing. Gascón is endorsed by the LA Times, LA Democratic Party, the Stonewall Dems, and the Los Angles County Young Dems. Other supporters include  Americans for Democratic Action of Southern California, The Los Angeles League of Conservation Voters, and lots of unions. 

Party Committee

Democratic Party County Central Committee

Member, Assembly District 66
Ray L. Waters
I first met Ray in 2007 when we were organizing a rally in Manhattan Beach. He’s the guy who shows up to help from beginning to the bloody end at every Democratic event, no matter how how blazing hot or rainy it maybe. He’s one of the good guys.
Many of my very smart friends who know Scherp have great things to say about her.
Connie’s been involved for years, always organizing. 
Bobbi Buescher
Bobbi is another one who’s been in the trenches at every event. Worth our vote.
There are 10 candidates; you can vote for up to 7. Keep in mind that the fewer you vote for, the more each of your votes count.
Note: if you are using a voting machine, be sure to scroll down to see all the candidates.
This is about the Sheriff Civilian Oversight Commission, compelling production of records and witnesses, reviewing the handling of complaints and more.

State of California

Proposition 13   (if you click on this link, scroll down for Prop. 13)
(note: this is completely unrelated to the famous Prop. 13)
I have mixed feelings about bonds, which may feel painless, but which we’re ultimately passing on to the next generation of tax payers. 
But…it’s hard for me to say no to a measure which is for funding “essential repairs…Removal of toxic mold and asbestos…More school nurse facilities. Cleaner drinking water. Fire and earthquake safety upgrades. Strong taxpayer controls. ”  So, somewhat reluctantly I’m voting yes.

FABULOUS Voter Resources (many of which, in more complex elections, I use to determine my positions)

  • Download a  SHORT list (just one 2-sided page) of my voting choices here. (Refresh your browser each time you return ~ I continually update this site.)
  • For a list of Vote Centers and Ballot Drop-off locations in your county, log into VoterStatus.sos.ca.gov.  (Find detailed info about voting in California from the Secretary of State  below.)
  • Voter’s Edge ~ My favorite site to help me figure out my ballot. Extremely easy to use. Compare candidates. Dive deep: who contributed to their campaign and how much? You can save your choices as you move through your ballot.
  • Register to vote here ~ a one-stop shop for everything you need to know about the candidates and measures on your ballot.
    [new to California in 2020: you can REGISTER WHERE YOU VOTE–AND THEN VOTE the same day. Yay!]
  • LA County Bar Association evaluations of candidates~ (scroll to pages 9 and 10). This is a good  place to start figuring out the puzzle of judges. [Note that I’ve included the LA County Bar Association rating of each judge on my ballot]
  • Opposition Research: see how the far right votes on judgesVery useful to see who not to vote for.
  • The California Democratic Party’s endorsements
  • CAvotes.org ~ the League of Women Voter’s Education Fund’s site. Click on “VOTE,” and become a wizard in all things election-related. While you’re there, consider making a donation  (contributions to the League’s Education Fund are tax deductible.)
  • Los Angeles Times endorsements This link may or may not work for you.
  • Vote Save America Just go here–it’s an extraordinarily well-done voting site. It’s produced by the Pod Save America guys. 
  • South Bay Cares ~ a socially-minded nonprofit dedicated to advocating for human, environmental, and constitutional rights through community action.
  • Swing Left ~ Swing Districts are places where the winner of the last House of Representatives election was determined by a thin margin. Swing Left helps you find and commit to supporting progressives in your closest Swing District so that you can help ensure we take back the  Senate…the country…asap.
  • Indivisible~ Their mission is to fuel a progressive grassroots network of local groups to take back the Senate and resist the Trump Agenda.

  • The Torrance Refinery Action Alliance is a well-organized grassroots organization that has taught me a lot ~ click on this link for videos and maps of what could happen if MHF is released by the Torrance Refinery or the Wilmington Refinery.

Peace Action ~ Of all the groups I give to, I save my biggest donation for Peace Action, which is a lean, efficient and politically pragmatic organization. Once a year, a Peace Action staffer comes over for lunch and teaches me a TON about the peace movement and specifically what Peace Action is doing to move our politicians, our policies, our country towards peace. Contact me to join us for lunch this year on Friday, February 21st:  rabbitt101 (at) aol (dot) com with the header: PEACE ACTION

Authors and Illustrators for Children Children’s author Bruce Balan and I founded AIC in 2004. It’s now a nationwide organization of children’s book creators and associates committed to vote, campaign, and speak out for candidates and policies to create a safe, healthy, and inspired future for children everywhere. Join us.

Useful links from the LA County Registrar:
Find your nearest drop-off location to return your Vote By Mail (VBM) ballot before Election Day.
Request a VBM (Vote by Mail) Ballot for this election.
Become a Permanent Vote by Mail Voter  ~ make it easier to vote!
Check Your Status  ~ not sure if you are a VBM voter already OR do you want to check the status of your ballot?
Text Messages
~receive quick and easy text message notifications about important election information.

Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk
12400 Imperial Highway, Norwalk, CA 90650 (800) 815-2666, Opt. 3
 Everything you wanted to know about voting in LA County (but were afraid to ask).
12400 Imperial Highway, Norwalk, CA 90650 (800) 815-2666, Opt. 3

From the California Secretary of State, Alex Padilla:

Some important things to remember:

✅When it comes to voting for president, your only options will be the candidates running in your political party. Registered Democrats, for example, will only see Democratic presidential candidates.

✅The presidential primary rules uniquely affect No Party Preference (NPP) voters (now the second largest block of voters in California). NPP voters can request to vote for Democratic Party, American Independent Party, or Libertarian Party presidential candidates. Why only these parties? Because political parties decide if they will allow No Party Preference voters to vote in their presidential primary.

✅No Party Preference voters received a postcard in December asking if they prefer to receive a vote-by-mail ballot with presidential candidates on it. If you’re an NPP voter who missed this postcard, please reach out to your county elections office ASAP! You can still request your preferred ballot by phone, email, or fax. You can find county elections contact information at vote.ca.gov.

✅And don’t forget: you can change your party affiliation or update your voter registration anytime you want by re-registering to vote at registertovote.ca.gov.

Taking the time to make a plan to vote now will help ensure a smoother voting experience and will allow you to focus on your most important task of all, choosing who to vote.

To get started, verify your voter registration at voterstatus.sos.ca.gov and then visit HowToVoteForPresident.sos.ca.gov to make a plan to vote.

Why the heck do I tell you and your friends how I voted? I started this site because I used to call my brilliant uncle Raphael Konigsberg and ask him how to vote–especially for judges. I mean, who knew how to pick judges?  When he died, I said, “So now who’ll tell me how to vote?”

Then I realized, “Uh-oh…”

So…I’ve been researching, comparing, and sharing my ballot with friends, and friends of friends for more than 15 years.  

If you’d like to be on my political email list, email me at:
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If you experience, see or hear about voting problems in your state, please call the toll-free, nonpartisan Election Protection Hotline:
1-866-687-VOTE (1-866-687-8683)